World Cup Discount Airline Tickets Booking Offer [July 2018]

Emirates Airlines FIFA World Cup Discount Airline Tickets Booking Offer [July 2018]. You can book your Discount Airline Tickets. Emirates Airlines operate an up to date fleet of 81 aircraft over 75 destinations in 54 countries, giving a tough competition to other reputed brands like Jettly. The airline since its launch 1985 has received more than 270 international awards in the acknowledgment of its endeavors to provide incomparable levels of service to customers.

Passengers who choose to fly through Emirates Airlines Economy class will instantly notice the fresh look of the aircraft’s cabin, which is designed to minimize discomfort. The seats of the economy class cabin are extremely comfortable with a mauve and peach color scheme.

The passengers of economy class on Emirates airlines are allowed to carry 20 kilograms of baggage. However, infants who are not entitled to seats can carry 10 kilograms of baggage regardless of the traveling class.

The Emirates Airlines discount airline tickets offer quiet and spacious cabins with ample space in storage lockers for the carry-on baggage to its economy class passengers. With utterly superb meal menus and an exceptional in-flight entertainment program, flying with Emirates becomes an exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable experience. The recently designed contoured seats offer 2-4-2 and 2-4-3 configurations to maximize space and comfort. The chairs come with recline of 15 centimeters and a space of 81 centimeters between rows.

Airbus A380 discount airline tickets offer adjustable headrest with more space and deeper seat reclines to optimize comfort levels for Economy class Passengers. The new generation Economy class seats at Emirates airlines feature more than a 1000 channels of on-demand movies, music and games on a 10.6” Digital Widescreen. Each seat is designed with its personal laptop and USB connection, allowing the passenger to view videos and pictures from a laptop or other portable devices.

At the Emirate Economy class, every meal is accompanied by a splendid variety of soft drinks and wine, which are selected from a range of elite vineyards. These wines are selected to blend in delicately with the chef’s creations and complement the passenger’s dining experience. At Emirates Airlines, the passenger is surely going to experience the finest multi-cultural cuisine, as the menus are designed by highly trained chefs of international reputation.

A passenger flying with Emirates Economy class will have the privilege of staying in touch via phone, SMS, or e-mail at the comfort of his/her seat and receive direct replies on TV screen owing to the Emirates Satellite communication system. Phone calls on-board will just cost the US $5 a minute and it will only cost the traveler US$1 to send or receive SMS or E-mail. The Emirates Airlines also offers a very exclusive seat-to-seat calling facility that allows the economy class passenger to chat with his friends, family, and colleagues in-flight.

Emirates Airlines discount airline tickets offer 15 video channels that contain 164 latest movies, 3 classic films, world movies, and a wide variety of specially chosen TV programs as an in-flight entertainment facility for the economy class travelers. Travelers of the economy class can even catch World movies from Arabia, Asia, or the Far East and choose from a range of 10 different language options including French, Arabic, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

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