Burj Al Arab


Built to such a billowing sail, the most astonishing architecture of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai makes it one of the most stylish in the world.

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Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai
Marquis Los Cabos Hotel inLos Cabos

Marquis Los Cabos

Los Cabos

Impels by a divine legend of two angels seeking paradise on earth, the spectacular lobby of Marquis Los Cabos opens out onto the extremely unstable sea like a temple to its creation.

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Emirates Place

Abu Dhabi

Emirates place is one of the luxuries and beautiful hotel in the world. It’s costing about $3 billion to build. It has many lovely room and suits for staying and rest. It also has 34 large conference room.

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Emirates Place Hotel in Abu Dhabi
The Boulders hotel in Arizona

The Boulders


The amazing-factor is left to Mother Nature at The Boulders and it’s just as well, as no man-made kit could probably compete with the support of surreal 12-million-year-old rock formations.

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TOP Hotel

palms hotel in Las Vegas
Las Vegas


The Las Vegas Palms is one of the best hotels in the world. It is famous for high-roller living, and what are the best ways to surely gratify in Sin City than jumping in one of their luxury rooftop suites like the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. The suite compromise up to 250 people for a get-together and be proud a large rooftop Jacuzzi hanging over The Strip. This Palmas Hotel gives you all kinds of facility.

Four Seasons Hotel in George V, Paris

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel was built by Russian Billionaire Telman Ismailov in 2009 to the costing of $1.65 billion. The Four Seasons Hotel in George V, Paris, Paris be proud for the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean and is mediated as one of the most elite luxuries hotels in France. It has a lot of extra tourist facility.

The Westin Excelsior in Rome

The Westin Excelsior

The Westin Excelsior was Rome built in 1906. It has an attractive genealogy in the Via Veneto district. The most rooms of this are affordable; their piece de resistance is the Villa La Cupola Suite that has recently b “breeziest” with a $7 million renovation. This design is very modern and gorgeous. It is well decorated. Their thinking is about proving tourist facility.

The Plaza Hotel in New York City
New York City

The Plaza

In United States of America, There has many legendary and swanky hotels but The Plaza is often the top choice for visiting VIPs-especially for its Royal Plaza Suite is proud for the best views of Manhattan. The three-bedroom/three-bathroom suite is styled in the most majestic of old world charm with a formal dining room, a library, a gymnasium, a grand piano, full kitchen and a butler’s pantry. These are serviced by its own private elevator.




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