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How Are American Airlines Boarding Groups Assigned

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In December 2020, American airline decision about changing the boarding group's allocation process came in the news. There are few changes in the allocation of AAdvantage members into groups. This is specifically for those who will fly with a basic economy ticket. There are multiple other changes as well, such as in the use of elite status and American Airline credit

can i book a flight for someone else

Booking a Flight For Someone Else

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How to booking a flight for someone else?

When you book a flight for yourself, the process is extremely simple. At the ticket counter, all you need to provide is personal information. Along with this, you can add the contact details and credit card code to the website. Moreover, the same requirements will do this job if you are doing it through some

What Do You Need to Book a Flight

What Do You Need to Book a Flight?

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It is extremely daunting to take multiple things into account while you are planning for a trip. It is especially tough when you are not a frequent flyer. There is a lot of scheduling that needs to be done, but when it comes to booking flights, the process becomes critical. Although it is a simple, and convenient method you have to

Cheap Flight from Chicago to Manali

Cheap Flight from Chicago to Manali

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People who love to travel, especially between India and America, would know that how much it costs once you start following this activity. Although it does bring enjoyment and a feeling of fulfillment, at the same time it is tiring. Not just tiresome for you physically, but also for the pockets. Many people do not know how to manage their budget

What Information You Needed To Book a Flight

What Information is Needed To Book a Flight?

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Traveling seems like the one thing that brings joy to all people. Except those who have to handle the logistics. Most of the time, your parents, partner, or some friend will take care of everything. You only sit back and do whatever gets told to you. Fine by most.

What information is needed to book a flight?

But when you are in charge, or

How to get cheap last minute flights

How To Get Cheap Last Minute Flights?

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If you want to save money on flights, you have to plan about it in advance. But there are instances when you do not get the advance notification. What would you do in such situations? Well, we are here to help you learn how to get cheap last-minute flights. No matter if you are

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