Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

Knowing how much baggage you are allowed to take can save you from the hassle of having to pay extra, or repacking your bags at check-in or having to get rid of certain items at the last minute. Singapore Airlines have a very clear cut baggage allowance policy that passengers should be fully aware of before they pack their bags and head for the airport.

As you will not have access to your checked in baggage while en-route to your destination, it’s advisable that any medicines, etc that you may need during your flight you should carry that in your carry-on baggage.

The checked baggage allowance for all flights of Singapore Airlines except those going to the United States and Canada are; 40 Kilograms for suites and first-class passengers; 30 kilograms for business class and 20 kilograms for economy class passengers. PPS Club members are entitled to 100% extra and Krisflyer gold and star alliance gold members are entitled to an additional 20 kilograms in every class.

Infants are allowed 10 kilograms in addition to a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair carrycot and infant food items.

For passengers travelling on Singapore Airlines to or from the United States and Canada, the following baggage allowance is permitted. Passengers in all the classes are allowed to check-in two pieces of baggage. The weight of each piece is limited to 23 kilograms. The length, width and height of each piece for each piece must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches). PPS club members get an extra 100% allowance and Krisflyer members are allowed one extra piece.

There are certain safety rules that Singapore Airlines passengers must abide by when travelling to and from Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. The checked baggage weight cannot exceed 32 kg per piece. This baggage weight limit of 32kg is an issue relating to Occupational Health Safety and is not the airline’s baggage allowance policy. Passengers will be required to re-pack their baggage if the baggage weight exceeds the stipulated limitation per piece. Heavy machinery or spare parts that exceed the indicated weight cannot be checked in to and from these countries.

Remember that the CPT Airport baggage conveyor system has a max standard IATA bag, which is 90 x 72 x 45cm.

Any excess baggage will be charged for at the time of check-in. Therefore to avoid any inconvenience at the last minute, passengers are advised to be aware of the baggage allowance rules before they pack their bags.

Passengers on Singapore Airlines are allowed to carry on board the following items; laptops, jewellery, money, silverware, medicines, precious metals, travel, business and personal documents and other valuable items.

Passengers are advised not to check-in any fragile or breakable items as well as valuables. The airline will not entertain any claims for the same in case they have been packed in check-in baggage. Remember checked in baggage is moved on a series of conveyor belts, trolleys at the airports. Therefore baggage can get handled roughly.

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