Singapore Airlines

Ever since its inception Singapore Airlines has focused on providing top class in-flight service and ensuring that flights get to their destination on time. Singapore airlines have earned a repute of being one of the leading airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines has always maintained the latest fleet of aircraft and the biggest commercial aircraft the Airbus A380 has been the latest addition to the fleet which operates on long-haul flights.

Passengers who travel by Singapore airlines generally prefer traveling in it once they have experienced the level of comfort and services provided on board. The latest addition has been the sky suites which are private cabins with a full sized bed and privacy.

On long-haul flights, passengers are served three full hot meals and the stewardesses are friendly and courteous. It’s perhaps one of the few airlines that serve wine with dinner to all passengers. Drinks, beverages and light snacks are also served on board. The choice of cuisines offered in business and first class please even the most discerning passengers. The amount of food served is far more than that provided by other airlines.

The inboard entertainment is also par excellence. In-flight movies and popular TV programs are available on demand in certain aircraft which have personal TV screens. On other flights the in-flight entertainment is excellent.

The washrooms, baby change areas are kept meticulously clean. The onboard staff provides excellent and friendly service. Right from check into disembarking passengers are treated like special guests. The aircraft is clean, seats comfortable and everything works like clockwork. Regardless how long the flight is the staff never tire of answering every call that any passenger makes and providing service.

Singapore Airlines reviews

Everyone who has flown on Singapore airlines is usually full of praise for it. Singapore Airlines has to compete with some of the world’s top airlines on a number of their routes and the only way they can compete is by providing excellent service.

Another plus factor is cost, and the fares of Singapore Airlines are quite competitive. Some passengers do opt for cheaper airlines, but once they have traveled on this airline they always want to travel on it again.

The seats in business and first class are really wide, almost three feet, which is by far the widest by any standard. The seats can be folded back to form a full-length bed and you won’t be disturbed by the staff while you are sleeping. Even if you miss a meal you can always get a snack when you wake up or you can get a full hot meal. The cabin staff seems to work tirelessly during the flight and every call is greeted with a smile.

Traveling on Singapore Airlines is an unforgettable experience and there are rarely any complaints about it. One thing that the airline needs to be credited for is that they are always striving to achieve excellence which they seem to achieve quite effortlessly. A number of airlines try to take their lead from this airline.

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