Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Reviews
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The Airbus A380 is the largest airliner ever built. It’s the world’s first full double-deck aircraft that can seat over 400 passengers. Singapore Airlines has always led the airline industry in being the first airline to invest in various aircraft and it scored another first by being the first airline to put the A380 into operation in October 2007. Other airlines followed Singapore Airlines in purchasing the A380. The aircraft is economical and can haul more passengers at a lesser cost on long haul and medium haul flights as well.

Singapore Airlines inaugural flight flew from Singapore to Sydney where it generated significant interest among the media. Since then Singapore airlines has expanded its A380 operations and it now flies daily to Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Zurich and Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines will also be operating a flight to New York via Frankfurt.

The cabin configuration of the A380 has 471 seats in total. There are 12 first class seats on the main deck, 60 business class seats on the upper deck and 399 economy seats on the rear lower and upper deck. Singapore Airlines scored another first by changing the concept of first class. There are 12 private suites with single or double leather seats and a full size single or double roll out bed. There is a 23″ private TV screen a wardrobe and sliding doors with blinds. There are power and USB ports as well as a vanity mirror. In fact, the suites are so luxurious that Singapore airlines have created a special fare class for them.

The business class seats are also very comfortable and unbelievably wide (34 inches) leather seats with side panels. The seats can be folded out into full reclining seats. Each seat has a private TV monitor and a power and USB port.

The economy class seats are also very comfortable and spacious. Singapore Airlines is well aware of the comfort level that is expected by its passengers and has gone out of their way to provide that. Long haul flights are never easy and passengers don’t like to feel cramped.

The in-flight entertainment that’s provided on the A380 is enough to please the most discerning passengers. Passengers in the economy also have personal TV screens and can select movies, popular TV programs, music tracks from a wide variety. There is no dearth of entertainment available on the A380.

With multiple in-flight attendants providing service on the flights, the passengers are well fed and well cared for. Meals in first and business class are served on Givenchy designed tableware and world-class chefs get the meals prepared under their supervision.

After seeing the success of the A380 with Singapore airlines Quantas and Emirates also introduced the A380 into their fleets. Singapore airlines have always been rated as one of the best airlines in the world and they have been very successful in their venture of operating the A380. With its success, Singapore airlines plans to introduce the A380 on more of its long-haul routes.

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