Emirates Airlines A380 Airbus Review

The Emirates A380 powered by four engines Alliance GP7200 is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world today. It offers an eco-friendly way of traveling. With spacious onboard lounge, first class shower spas and in-flight entertainment, there is no better way to fly.

With Emirates A380, you will experience true luxury. Its cabin noise has been dramatically reduced, and it is a much quieter plane. This allows your body and brain to relax during a long flight, as the brain would not have to cancel out the background noise.

Emirates A380 has a high ceiling, and is vertically shaped, which makes the plane feel roomier and spacious. Even the windows are much larger than the other planes. The plane has three jetways that connect to the gate area.

Emirates A380 Airbus Review

The upper jetway is used by the 90 passengers in the first and business class, and the lower is for 400 passengers in the economy class. The upper jetway connects directly to the lounge in the terminal. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to get on and off Emirates A380.

Emirates A380 first class is upstairs and comprises of 14 suites. The pair of seats has a privacy divider that can be raised or lowered according to the passenger’s wish, but the beds cannot be joined together into a single bed. The suites are half-partitioned in order to give passengers a greater impression of privacy. There is a small bar in front of the suites and when you go further ahead, you will see two classy, unique spas. All seats have main power plugs that are specifically designed in universal shapes to accept most plugs.

Emirates A380 business class section is right behind the first class section. It comprises of 80 seats that can be converted to lie-flat sleeper beds. Not all business class seats are comfortable. However, there are some better seats than the rest, but Emirates sells them all at the same price. Therefore, you must ensure you get the best seat. Like the first class, every business class seat has main power plugs.

The economy class section of Emirate A380 is in the lower deck, which has 400 seats. Seats have a 32” pitch, and it can recline back 6”. The seats are 18” wide, which makes the seat much more comfortable. You can place your drink in the cup holder on the gimbals. The economy class also offers individual air outlets in the ceiling, which are not found in other airlines. Moreover, you can have a pleasant traveling experience by watching your favorite movies on the massive 10.5” high definition screens. The Emirate is also planning to introduce the premium economy class, which would fall under the category of business class. However, emirate still has no current plans for its features and facilities.

Emirate A380, also known as Airbus A380 is one of the most luxurious planes in the world. It boasts to have millions of passengers every year.

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