Discount Flight Tickets For Student

Are you looking for discount flight tickets for students? In fact, you have come to the right website! You may not have realized it but as a student studying in college in U.S. there are many special privileges and discounts available for you. If you have not already know that there are many offers discounted for students all over the country!

Make the most of being a student. You can get discounted prices off most movie theaters if you show your valid college ID. Some convenience stores offer up to 10% or higher discounts for many types of goods, such as books, software, tickets to amusement centers, parks, even rentals of cars, and many more.

Discount flight tickets for students are no different. As a student, take full advantage of your privileges and get student airfare and flight discounts. Let me share with you some sites that offer reduced prices and student air travel discounts.

STA Travel

This company is the largest student travel agency. I believe most know that they offer “Fares That Rock” and when you go to their site, you can search for discount flight tickets easily through their on-site search facility. Check out their travel tips and resources. The site boast of providing the best student discount flights available. I’m not very sure about it, but at different times, their discounts are very genuine and very good. Lot’s of savings here. Get into their weekly newsletter where they will send you articles on their weekly airfare deals. Another feature that I like is the ability to make travel and flight comparisons and this is invaluable.

Student Universe

Next, Student Universe. This site has been around for as long as I can remember. It is another great site to find out student discounts for flights and airfares. You can’t miss their motto: “Students Fly Cheaper”. Student Universe is reputable and therefore you can be sure of their reliability. I checked out that they have many reviews and testimonials by students of their reliability, service and basically, the ability for students to find deals and discounts for air flights for students.

When you reach their website, you have to register but registration is free. They have a strict process to determine that you are a student. The email that you registered should indicate your school email address. After verifying that you are a student, you will definitely be able to purchase the student flight ticket without any hassle. I have used Student Universe quite regularly because they are upfront about costs and the price you see includes all taxes and fees. Rest assured, Student Universe is a registered company under the Better Business Bureau.


I have not really used Travelosophy. Do not mix up with! Travelosophy goes on a step further to provide student discount flights not only for students to buy for teachers and even youths. Please read the terms and conditions for these purchase and make sure you understand them or you might land with a deal that you may not want. Many students have found that getting International Flight Tickets on discount here is easier. If you are looking for a student air travel discount to go overseas for studying abroad, this is the site for you!

I hope you have enjoyed the information provided here and get more information and find the best student flight discounts here.

Do students get discounts on plane tickets?

United and Student universe have teamed up to provide students the best discounts on airline tickets. Students traveling abroad for studies, vacation, and backpacking whatever may be the reason, United and Student Universe will offer students cheap air tickets. Indigo Flights also offer discounts when a valid student identity proof is provided.

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