What Information You Needed To Book a Flight

Traveling seems like the one thing that brings joy to all people. Except those who have to handle the logistics.

Most of the time, your parents, partner, or some friend will take care of everything. You only sit back and do whatever gets told to you.

Fine by most.

What information is needed to book a flight?

But when you are in charge, or you’re planning to travel alone, then arises the problem. That’s because you even don’t know what information is needed to book a flight?

It turns out most people don’t know a lot. So, I’ve taken it upon me to spread around some wisdom about the thing.

Just stay around and soak it all in; thank me later.

What information do I need to book a flight?

Ok, if you’re going to book a flight, then obviously, you’ve got a destination in mind. So, wherever you’re flying to, you need to know about the departure as well as the return date, if you’re planning to come back.

Now, when you book a ticket, your information details get printed there. If you’re booking a flight ticket for someone other than you, then make sure to get the personal info right.

So, what info do you need to book a flight for someone else?

You have to have the basic stuff like ID number (passport), date of birth, residency, those kinds of things. Also, while booking a flight, make sure whether you want a direct flight or want connecting flights, if you can’t sit long in a tube in the air for long periods.

Plus, if you like to fly in style, you can look into the different airline classes to get the ideal deal.

Got it?

What are the documents needed for domestic air travel in India?

Is a passport compulsory to travel on flights within India? The answer is: NO. And it isn’t just for India. Domestic air travel in most countries, you don’t need a passport to book the flight. You need to show some ID that proves you to be a citizen of it.

In the USA, anything authorized by the state or on the federal level, like a driving license is enough to book a ticket.

Even to board the flight, you need nothing but the ID card and a reference number to the ticket to board the flight. For those who are aged under 16, in some countries, they will require written permission from their guardian to fly domestic. In some airlines in India, minors need their parents there before the flight departs.

So, there are some rules that you need to know. It can vary based on countries and have a different set of rules based on the airlines.

One quick note, if you’re going to book the ticket using a driver’s license, make sure it is valid till the date you board on the flight.

Do you need a passport to book international flights?

We’ve covered the domestic flights. Let’s now go overseas. So, what information do you need to book an international flight is the question?

The answer is simple. You can’t do what you’ve done for the domestic flights. The documents accepted for international travel is the valid passport with the visa of the country you’re going to visit.

But do you need passports to book an international flight? No. You don’t need it. Only for travel, you need to have on you. However, you can book the airline ticket the same way mentioned in the domestic flight section.

Just make sure to provide personal information without any mistake. Especially, when you are booking a flight for someone else.

Can I buy a flight ticket for someone in another country?

Yes, you can book the ticket for someone other than yourself. That been quite clear for some time.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you need to make sure you provide the personal information of the person for whom you’re getting the ticket. While booking flights have their consent about their preferences, flight time, budget, and all those things.

So, how do you give them the ticket?

You don’t physically hand them the ticket. Just mail them the flight details, and that’s it. It answers another question of yours and that is can I book a flight without a passport number. You’ve got your answer.

What is the actual process of booking a flight?

Ok, we’ve talked about booking the flight. But how do you buy plane tickets?  What are the payment methods to book your ticket?

That’s the thing we will get to know here.

As mentioned, a hundred times, you’ve filled in all the information required for the ticket. Great! Now, it is time to pay the airline.

You can do that in many ways. Here are some options:

  • EFT
  • SID Instant EFT
  • Cheque card
  • Cash deposit
  • Online credit/debit card
  • Pay in-store

For online payments, you’ve got to give the name on the card (credit/debit), the card number, and CVV code (3-digit) that you can find at the back of the card. Even you need to provide the expiration date of that card to them.

No worries, for those who don’t like to use a credit card, or don’t have one can always go back to the old ways of doing things. Pay cash.

How to Use Miles for Travel?

If you are part of a frequent flyer program, then you might not even have to pay money for the tickets.

Those who travel a lot can have a lot of miles on their profile which might get them a free ticket. Even you can get upgrades and other things too.

But a quick tip for you is to fly with an airline regularly then flying with different ones. That way, you will have enough points. Then you know how to use miles for travel based on your destination.


You now know what information is needed to book a flight. And you’ve got some quick tips on what to do or not.

So, don’t be afraid. It isn’t that hard as much you make of it.

Just go ahead and follow the instructions, and you would have no problem booking a nice flight for your gang or just for you.

Take charge and fly away.

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