How Far in Advance Can I Book a Flight

Booking a flight is all about timing. With the best time, you can book a flight at a cheaper rate and also snag an award seat. Most people try to get seats as soon as they become available because they hope to get a free seat. That is seats that are redeemed with miles or points.

Airlines make available a few numbers of seats that people can claim with points. These points or miles are currencies exchanged for free travel, gotten whenever you use your credit cards to make a purchase or take a trip.

Knowing the best time to book will help you answer the question of, ‘how far in advance can I book a flight?

How Far in Advance Can I Book a Flight?

Knowing how far you can book flights will save you money with some airlines, and knowing the departure dates is also fundamental to know when to book your flight.

You should note that airline tickets have a validity period, and they do expire. Usually, they expire a year after they were first issued.

However, different airlines have their own policies regarding ticket expiration.

If you booked so much in advance and want to cancel or reschedule your flight, understanding the airline’s policy might help you.

There are some policies that require you to use the ticket partially used or not within a year. You won’t be able to reschedule after a year. After a year, that ticket becomes ineligible for refund or redemption.

how far in advance can I book a flight

How far in advance you can book  flights varies depending on the airline and flight type. Each airline has its own policy regarding how far in advance you can book a flight. How far, also differs for domestic and international flights.

Searching How Far in Advance Can You Book a Flight? You can check the best list below get an idea about advance can you book flights. On the other hand Buying a ticket at the last minute means a better deal.

BUT International flights don’t see the same kind of fluctuation domestic. Are you looking to buy airline tickets three months, six months or even one year in advance?

This is a list of major airlines and how far days in advance can you book a flight with them:

  • American Airlines, Spirit Flights, Fiji Airways: 330 days in advance
  • Air France, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic:: 11 months.
  • Lufthansa: 360 days.
  • Pen Air: 331 days.
  • Jet Blue Airways: 10 months in advance.
  • Emirates: 340 days.
  • Delta Flights: 331 days or 47 weeks in advance.
  • Frontier Flights: 258 days in advance with a schedule extension every two months.
  • Southwest Flights: 254 days in advance or just over 8 months.
  • Alaska Airline Flights: 10 to 11 months in advance.

It would be advisable to subscribe to the email newsletter of the airlines that periodically extend their dates to get an announcement on when the new date that the flight schedule has been extended to.

You can book tickets more than a year in advance. Most airlines release their seats up to eight months in advance only.

How far in advance can you book a Domestic flights?

It’s often close to the last minute than you would imagine. It would be best if you didn’t rush before booking your flight. Booking far in advance also can be very pricey. At least six months to the departure date is enough time for you to do your research and monitor the rise and fall of the ticket fare, and also plan your journey.

International flights do not fluctuate as domestic flights do, and it also depends on the region or country you are visiting.

Note: Airlines increase the price as the departure dates gets closer, and prices are determined by the time of year, passenger demand, significant events or festivals, weather, competitor price, etc.

Should book your flight now or wait until the price drops further.

How Far in Advance Can I Book a Flight to get the best deals?

For Revenue flights:

United’s own airplanes sometimes open just 334 days before departure. Book United Flights on Sale Now , Find United.

The schedule is usually posted, and the window remains open for 330-337 days. For revenue flights, those that you pay for with cash or card, you won’t see cheaper tickets prices immediately after the booking window opens.

Getaway trip and trying to find the cheapest day to buy airline tickets can turn into a costly

A magic number to consider when locating the prime booking window to buy tickets for your dream trip?

But, there are airlines that can extend their travel dates to allow for reservations. You can get the lowest fares immediately after the booking starts.

For Award tickets:

There is no real guarantee on when airlines will release award seats but airlines usually release two batches of award seats when the flight schedule is posted. One comes just as soon as the schedule opens, and the other is mere days before the departure date. You can book a year in advance to book or a few weeks before the departure dates.

For most U.S airlines, the booking window for both revenue and award tickets start at the same time. However, you should note that award availability does change from time to time as passengers cancel flights and reservations. There are also tools you can use to check for award availability, like Expert Flyer.

What are the best day to book a flight?

Aim to book your tickets between three weeks and four months before your date of departure.

Even though they say that days of the weeks do not affect the price of a flight tickets. It is believed that there are certain day of the week when the flight rate is cheaper. It is believed that there is a hike in flight tickets on Fridays, and people say it’s because of workers and travelers on businesses returning home for the weekends.


With that notion in mind, your best bet for booking cheap tickets might fall on midweeks.

The concept of demand and supply also affects airline tickets sales. When there is more demand, the prices will be higher. When you plan to travel for the holidays or a summer vacation, you should book an early airlines tickets.

Booking a flight on the same month of your trip will cost you more than booking in advance. The best Day of the Week to book cheap air tickets.

Also, compare prices from different airlines so you can decide which airline has a cheaper deal.


Avoid overpaying for your dream holiday or that last minute business trip for safe your money. Won’t be able to book flights operated by U.S. airlines like Delta, United and American Airlines until both

It’s better to wait for a while to book if you’re not after award seats. This is so you can gain more clarity about your schedule. Would there be any reason further down the road to cancel your flight?

However, if you want to fly for the holiday, it pays to book earlier six months.

Hopefully, with this article, besides learning how far in advance, you can book a flight, you’d also learn tips on how to avoid overpaying for your trips.

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