How to get cheap flights and cheap tickets
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Finding a cheap flight to the destination of your choice never seems to be as easy as some people make it sound. Instead of flights for a penny, all you can find are flights for hundreds of pounds plus tax.

This is because, as with all bargain hunting, there is an art to bagging the cheapest seats.

And to help you do so, budget flight booking website has prepared some advice to help you get the lowest possible fare.

Be flexible
If you can be flexible about dates, wait until budget airlines run a special offer such as Ryanair’s 1p + tax tickets. If your dates are fixed then it is best to book one to three months in advance.

Midweek flights are typically cheaper than those at the weekend, as are flights at unsociable hours such as late nights and early mornings. However, be aware that transport to and from the airport can be more expensive at this time.

Do not dither
If you have found a bargain flight then book it. Even if you change your mind, you may only lose a tenner – and the price may go up by much more than this if you either. If you want to change dates, it is likely to cost between £10 and £30 in administration fees, plus you will need to pay the difference if your new flight is not the same price.

Book online
Booking online is cheaper than booking over the phone – saving on average £5 per return ticket along with avoiding call center wait times.

Avoid credit cards
Paying for your flight by credit card can attract a supplementary charge of up to £4 per transaction, so it is best to use a debit card.

Avoid transfers
Booking connecting flights with budget airlines can be problematic. This is because most only operate point-to-point, meaning there is no transfer of luggage and you will have to go through the whole check-in process again. There are however exceptions, such as the German budget airlines Air Berlin, Condor and DBA, which use German airports as hubs.

You are also advised to leave two to three hours between connecting flights to cover delays and checking in again. In the event that you miss your connecting flight, it is deemed your responsibility even if you are flying onwards with the same airline.

It is also worth checking that your travel insurance covers this eventuality.

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