Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is fundamentally an auxiliary of the Emirates group and is definitely among the most reputed airlines in the world. The Emirates Airlines have contributed a lot to raise the revenue in the Middle East. It is a big brand name in the business of aviation, which offers excellent and brilliant flying experience.

Emirates Airlines is basically a blend of Airbus fleet and wide body Boeings, which are extremely spacious from inside and offer enough room to rest legs together with world class in-flight services. Emirates airlines are one of the best airlines that offer supreme facilities at competitive rates and an experience to remember.

Anyone who has traveled with Emirates Airlines would agree without a doubt that flying experience with Emirates is truly magnificent. The boarding procedure is done very professionally and normally starts thirty minutes before the departure.

Depending on the selected destination, there is a range of newspapers just outside the entrance door for the passengers boarding the aircraft. Numerous smiling and friendly attendants are assigned to guide the fliers in the right direction while others are assigned to help passengers place their hand luggage and sort other problems.

The configuration of the economy cabin is of 2-4-2 and is such that no one has to disturb more than one person to get off the seat. Overhead bins in the Emirates Airlines economy class are very spacious. The arrangement in the first class cabin is even more spacious and comfortable. The overhead storage compartments in the first class cabins are absent allowing even the taller people to stand and walk around comfortably.

With adjustable headrests, footrests, lumbar support, and adequate legroom, the overall flying experience becomes very comfortable. Each seat is allotted a personal LCD monitor that also has satellite phones for those travelers who want to stay connected even in the air. These LCD monitors also help the attendants demonstrate safety procedures through a video shown in Arabic and English for better understanding. The passengers can then entertain themselves with an impressive collection of Hollywood, Arabic, and Chinese, etc movies with subtitles in a range of languages. For people who do not fancy films, there is also a collection of different TV dramas from comedy to sports to general interests.

As for food at Emirates Airlines, it is extraordinary. There is a small menu card placed in every seat and any food you order will be of exceptional quality for economy. There is also a choice of vegetarian and meat meals depending upon personal preferences. A wide range of drinks is available for the passenger to choose from. The cabin crew of Emirates Airlines is very friendly, courteous, and extremely efficient.

At the time of farewell, all the flight attendants line up to give the passengers a friendly farewell hoping that each one of them had an enjoyable experience. The crew at Emirates Airlines is very impressive, as it displays extreme affection and warmth along with state of the art training in customer care.

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