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The travel related website CheapOstay is known as all in one travel online search website for all kind of vacation packages from booking flights, hotels, rental cars on special discounted rates. As its name suggests, is a partner website with CheapOair as part of “Fare portal vacation planner and travel services”. The name of this website says it all and gives you a hint that hotels would be number one business of this web service, even though they do all sorts of travel from all kind of air deals like buying cheapest airline flights tickets.

If you go through there partner website CheapOair review, you would notice that there is a section for last-minute travel deals for its users, and they have cheap air tickets online listed that depart within days of listing. has a similar tab, but this web service only offers last-minute hotel deals for different locations across the worldwide. also has a browser subtab to see of the 4 Star hotels available for 99$ or less per night. This website has one of the most dependable and trustworthy hotel booking online search engine. Although this is a very popular site a very important question most of its visitors might have in their mind is “does offer the best hotel rates?”

Advantages CheapOstay reviews

Offer up to 50% discount on hotel and other reservations
Over 18 million exclusive air deals
Offers really cheap airline ticket along with best hotel deals with a guarantee
Discounted domestic cheapest airline flight tickets
Exclusive wholesale net flights travel deals
Cheapest flight international airline tickets up to 65% off
4-star hotels under 99$
Blogs that offer articles about various vacation destinations and useful tips for your trip safety and saving money
Hotel phone directory which currently lists of 800 numbers for almost 63 major hotels
Sign up the option for cheapOstay newsletters and discount coupons and special affordable deals on a range of destination spots worldwide.
Instant booking credit.

A special segment of Hotel by theme offers to choice hotels by your mood from beach luxury, romantic to last minute or weekend hotels. This is to help travelers of all kinds from luxury stays with a heavy budget to 1 night to 2 or 3 days for those who have a small budget. Beachfront Hotels or beach luxury hotels are apparently for those who like the sand, sea, sun and to love to surf. Airport Hotels are perfect for the business travelers, who usually don’t have a need for expensive touristy luxuries and also do not have time to go too far away luxury spots.

Disadvantages of CheapOstay

Confused layout not so user-friendly
No extended customer services
Charge hidden charges
Air Tickets purchased on blind sites tend to be nonrefundable.
Travelers don’t earn frequent flyer miles for flights booked on a blind site


CheapOstay is a part of the well known “Travel Industry Association”. They are trusted by E-Certified for secured and privacy protection by McAfee. All major credit cards are accepted as mentioned at the foot end of the web page and have an option to browse through for different travel info and discount deals. There are two different blogs for travelers to explore and decide where to go and where to stay. Travel deals on these blogs are been offered through their partner provides a specific limited amount of rooms with significantly lower than the hotel’s published rack rates. But have no extended customer services, have hidden charges and cheapest flights airline tickets purchased on blind sites tend to be non-refundable.

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