Cheap Flights Tickets to Bolivia
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Find Cheap Flights Tickets is not difficult thanks to the internet. On websites, you can find some offers where the price will depend on the date you want to fly. However, the main question is: Where to fly cheap?

Archaeological and Natural Bolivia

Bolivia is home to a rich culture and was part of the Inca Empire. Its strong Aymara tradition can still be experienced in the urbanest and cosmopolitan points of the country, and even though we will not deny the attraction of having an urban holiday in Bolivia (shoppers will agree on that statement), no holiday to Bolivia is complete without getting a closer look to its most remote history -so embedded in every aspect of their current life- and enjoying the natural wonders of this beautiful Andean country.


This small town on the shores of Lake Titicaca is home to the Virgin of Copacabana. For most of the year, is a very peaceful place inhabited by workers, but every year, in February, the city comes alive with music and colors to celebrate the festivities in honor of the Virgin. Hundreds of pilgrims come to town to pay homage to the statue and pray for good fortune.

Another good amount of pilgrims come from many points of Bolivia to Copacabana in Holy Week, and the city dresses again its most majestic adornments to commemorate the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Copacabana is becoming recently a popular stop among tourists from everywhere in the world, due to its Titicaca shores and fairly competitive prices compared to its neighbor, Peru.

Lake Titicaca

This lake deserves a special mention, as it is the highest altitude navigable lake in the world. Located in the Andes, this huge body of fresh water is a truly impressive site in which there are nine islands and a great diversity of flora and fauna to behold. If in Copacabana, a good idea is to visit the Titicaca Islands to find out how the Urus live in those floating pieces of land and straw made by themselves.

Valley of the Moon

In the eroded hills of the Valley of the Moon, you will find fascinating rock formations. From the top, one can have breathtaking views of the field, besides being the ideal place to sit and enjoy a picnic. In short, it is an idyllic place to slow down, fill the camera with photos and have a meal with the canyon as a backdrop.

Salt Lakes

The impressive and at the same time creepy field of Salt Lakes surprises everyone with its 18.000 square kilometers. The hundreds of cracks in the plains below the lake looking like bright crystals are a beautiful attraction not to be missed.


This city is located in the middle of the Bolivian Andes. It has plenty of rock slabs and magnificent temples. It is believed that this was the ancient capital of civilization before the Inca Empire and therefore, a very important archaeological site.

Cordillera Real

This mountain range includes several peaks over 5,000 meters. You can hire an excursion to climb them in the town of Sorata, which is worth a visit thanks to its location in a stunning valley populated by abundant trees and flowers.

Inca trails

Bolivia is home to a variety of soil types and climates, and many nature trails for fans of this activity. There are ancient Inca routes and more arduous walks between the thickness of the jungle, where you can observe the flora and fauna native to the region as well as ancient relics centuries old.

The Road of Death

Bolivia is home to one of the most dangerous roads in the world, which is surprisingly popular with cyclists. The route begins in the Bolivian Andes, on the outskirts of La Paz, and descends rapidly winding up the Yungas jungle. Many companies rent bicycles and a team of professionals for those who are brave enough to get going.

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