Cheap Flight Tickets Booking Simple Way

Cheap flight tickets booking, where ever you seem to turn on the internet there are ways to book this flight and ways to book that flight.

I’ve been self-employed now for many years which allows me to earn as much as I want but also how much time off I can take. Time off means only one thing to me: Travel.

Outside of work, travel is my greatest passion, whether it’s going back home, visiting friends or just going somewhere I’ve never been to.

If you’re like me, the one thing you don’t want to do is pay more than you need to when booking flights. Especially in these times of worldwide “belt tightening”!

Airline booking sites are all well and good. You know that what you pay for and it’s direct from the airline. But you may not be getting the best bang for your buck. I found this out much to my cost.

Cheap Flight Tickets

A couple of years ago, I had to go to Johannesburg for personal reasons. I booked my flights and paid $998.00 and off I went. A few weeks later on returning home, much to my annoyance, I found that I could have paid $459-00 for my air travel. How? By not using the airline booking sites, but a flight comparison website, where I could also book online.

I used a couple of sites over the next 3 months or so and yes, I did save money, but I also got tangled up with the e-mail campaigns and the surveys and “this is what your friends thought of it all” junk mail. You know all that rubbish that clogs up your inbox. I just wanted something that I could use, it did what it was asked to do and that was all. I really do not want to find them on Facebook, Twitter or whatever.

Then in March this year, I had to book a flight to the UK to see my daughter. I started to Googling search terms for cheap flights – and then going beyond the first page of results. There, tucked away on page whatever it was, was the site www., it was a flight and hotel booking site and it was right up my street. Didn’t have countless things down the sides, or how to find them on Facebook etc, it was a no-nonsense site that did what it said. I could compare airfares and book my reservation without fuss or any other nonsense BLISS!

Everything went like clockwork.

I then had a look around other websites, and I was shocked, to say the least, that, by using saved me just under $80-00. So far I can do nothing but sing this little website’s praises. I am going over to the UK again at the end of May to collect my daughter for her to come and see me for a couple of days in Gibraltar, I’m going to be using these guys again and I’ll post again to let you know how I got on.

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