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I said that I would give my impressions about the booking of my flights to go and collect my daughter for a visit to my home in Gibraltar. She hasn’t yet been to an airport that has a main road crossing the runway!

Last night I visited and booked three return flights, 2 return flights from Gib (for me) to London, and 1 return to Gib from London (for my daughter).

The speed of upload of was quick and clean. The choice of flights given was really quite comprehensive and the range of fares was from the cheapest to the “more money than sense” end. Booking and then payment was through a secure payment page of the airline.

Compared to the old way to book airline tickets, as well as compared to some of the online sites, the whole process really was a breeze. It was clean, it was quick and I didn’t have to check or uncheck any boxes asking for all the airline or online advertising blurb that annoys me so much.

The timing of the flights means that I have to also stay overnight in a hotel. Yup, this website also allows you to book hotels online as well. It boasts that it can compare 2 million hotels around the World, a bit of overkill as I was only looking to stay in the UK and then only for 2 nights, tops. Having said that, I really was spoilt for choice when it came to hotels in the area I needed to be in.

The hotel reviews were concise, and not all flowery and over the top, but seemed to be honest, and the photos were a great help too. Couldn’t really fault that part of the website either! Booking my room was just like booking my flight, easy, clean and quick with no invitation to have a whole load of junk mail thrown at my inbox.

Perfect Air Ticket

It didn’t really matter if I didn’t speak English as the website is available in twenty odd languages, so a plus there as well.

There is one little criticism that I do have, however. I was able to book my flights and hotel stay with no problem at all, but it would have been really good if I could have stayed on the same booking site and organized my car rental. Unfortunately, Global Travel Deals doesn’t have a car booking section. Perhaps there is a good reason why the guy who built this site didn’t include one, I can’t really comment about that.

My overall impression is quite simple, what a great little website, it does everything it says it will, there is no clutter and you will not get lumbered with all that junk mail, or promotional mail as they like to call it. I really would recommend this site to anyone who is seriously looking for cheap air ticket.

It is such a pity that is not ranked higher. Just try this little website and I think you will agree with me.

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