Airlines enticing business class travelers
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Europe is one of the most sought-after destinations for American business travelers due to its prestige and scenic locales. There was a break in the trend of organizing business meetings in the beautiful European cities as a part of the recession that hit the American and the world economy bad.

However, in the year 2018, this technique is coming back from the oblivion. A new breed of corporate America is returning to a refreshingly novel Europe in a big way. This is good news for all airlines operating on the US-Europe route as the consumption of business class tickets is mounting with the passage of time.

On an optimistic note, the giant American player US Airways is doing its bit to entice the business class travelers on long-haul flights between various destinations across the United States and Europe. As a mark of its own commitment, the airline introduced fully lie-flat seats on all its A330s, amongst the first lot of carriers to take the bold step.

Business class travelers

The airline took the initiative to address the most-dreaded concern of transatlantic business class flyers. Passengers looking to fly on this route are up for luxury and comfort with paramount in-flight services like meals, entertainment and access to Wi-Fi.

Swiss International Air Lines is another airline that has gone a step ahead for the extravagance of its customers. The airline offers privacy to its business class travelers on overnight journeys between the US and Europe. The carriers A340 and A330-300 aircraft have created a flutter in the industry as they are equipped with single seats that promise and guarantee comfort and solitude to its flyers.

These are just a few examples as to how the airlines are tempting their business class customers. The race is to outdo each other and win as many customers as possible.

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